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Director, Good Samaritan Ministries,

Prineville, Oregon


Providing counseling services and training without charge, on a donation basis without regard to race, religion, age or any other factor - All are welcome.

Mike Chaney

Updated 2019:

Had a computer crash and had to reformat the hard drive where the web files were kept, but some of the webpages should be working now, but many of them didn't transfer correctly so that the descriptions (the typing) are gone or jumbled, although the recordings all seem to be intact.   I am still working on past years podcasts.  Those are found in the menu on the left. There might be a couple that still are not uploading but the majority you should be able to listen too.  If you click on the menu above, at the tope of the page, it will take you to some of the more recent teachings and they work just fine!

FYI, some podcast do take a little bit to upload due to length.

I apologize for the inconvience.

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