Kingdom Principles vs Worldly Counterfeits  The enemy always has a counterfeit for God's Kingdom Principles.                                                                             

Teresa's Story - The International Director of Good Samaritan Ministries had the most improbable beginning. The impact of one man.

Rebekah's  Story - Rebekah's story is the story of overcoming fear and a religious spirit to become a warrior in the Kingdom.  A life changed dramatically by the power of the God!

The Source of Our Identity.  This is a teaching that Mike taught at the 2018 Intensive in Beaverton.   It is intended to answer the question, does our identity flow from our performance or does our performance flow from our identity?

Changing Our Perceptions - Dale's Story.  One of the biggest logs in our eyes is our perception of things.  Jesus came to change our perceptions of many things.  This teaching and testimony are examples of that principle.

"Teach ONLY the Kingdom"