Tonight we discussed marriage counseling.  Our guests were Carrie and Jason Bauer.  They discuss their journey from wanting to divorce to happy reconciliation!

Tonight we discuss the story of the Prodical Son and the book, "Fool-Proofing Your Life".  How to deal with the difficult people you love.

Tonight Nyk Tripp shares his journey from client to counselor.  We also act out and discuss the story of the Good Samaritan.  Finally, we begin a discussion on Emotional Abuse--signs and symptoms.

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Tonight Mike discussed the role of assignments in counseling.  He shared examples from the Bible of God's assignments and examples from his counseling experience.

Tonight Mike talked about the number one killler of relationships--Unmet Expectations.  Our frustration, anger and disappointment is directly proportional to the difference between what we expect and the reality of what we observe. (Painting by Donna Granger)

Tonight Mike taught on the power of our testimonies and on how to take case studies.  The Case Study is the key to understanding the other person's life story and the key to planning our counseling approach.

Tonight, after a little worship with Tami Wood, Mike taught on Stinkin' Thinkin' with respect to faith.  

Tonight we heard Lindsay's testimony of her journey through marriage counseling.  God's outcomes are often not what we want, but what is His best for us.

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Tonight Mike talked about the importance of our identity and how the enemy tries to steal it.

Tonight Cheri, Rebekah and Shawn teach on hearing God's voice.  (During one of the exercises I forgot to shut off the recorder.  This occurs at 1:07.  Skip forward to 1:15 to pick up the teaching again.)

Tonight Rebekah taught us that God can speak to us in the most creative ways!  He is afterall Our Creator!  Tonight he used Rebekah and timeless Disney characters to encourage and bless the people in class.  (This is a 2 part podcast and it's posted over in the left column.)

Carrie and Jason come back and share again.  The story keeps growing!

Tonight Rebekah shared her journey through counseling to finding a deeply personal and exciting relationship with God that has led her to her ministry.

Part 2 of Rebekah's teaching

Part 1 of Rebekah Teaching